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Awesome Products, $4 Phone Fail, Apple VS. FBI & MORE! // Hotfix News Feb. 25 (Tech)

Welcome to a slightly-revamped Hotfix News! This time, the videos are split between the gaming & tech versions! Hotfix News – Tech 01:36 – New Smartphones 05:50 – Ubuntu Tablet 06:26 – ASUS ROG SWIFT PG27AQ 07:36 – $4 Smartphone Fiasco (second link) 09:39 – YouTube Scam Email 10:24 – Donate Flash Drives to Fight North […]


YouTube Creator Community Forum Launches! // BETA Guide

YouTube listened to our feedback in the latest YouTube Creator Academy Boot Camp and have launched a new Creator Community forum! This should be a great place to share ideas and collaborate with fellow YouTubers. Visit the forums.


What’s On My Phone? (Android) // February 2016

What’s on my phone? Well, let’s take a look. Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (running stock TouchWiz) Commonly-Used Apps Social Media Facebook Messenger Twitter Instagram Skype Snapchat Latergramme Periscope Vessel Epoxy Vine Fyuse Discord Productivity GMail Stock Email Chrome Google Keep Google Calendar Google Analytics Google Drive Buffer SwiftKey Keyboard Other Work Tools Amazon Seller […]


External (Out of PC) Cable Management! // Quick Fix Weekend Project

In this video, I show you a super easy way to manage a ton of cables lying around your house, office, or maker space. With this simple trick, I manage hundreds of USB, HDMI, DP, power cables – and many more! This would be a great and simple weekend project to tackle. Hanging Shoe Rack […]


MACRO MASTER // Genovation ControlPad CP48 Review

This is my review of the Genovation ControlPad CP48 USB HID programmable macro keypad, featuring mechanical key switches and transparent key covers. This thing is a boss for setting up macros for productivity. AutoHotKey – TaranVH’s videos – PRODUCT LINK: (GENOVATION CP48-USBHID 48KEY USB CONTROLPAD BLACK) US – CA – UK […]


Channel Updates: Vessel, Camera Fundraiser

EposVox on Vessel Camera Fundraiser It’s true! We’re now on Vessel! No 7-day early access or anything – videos release on the same day on both platforms! Super sorry for the crappy audio quality! Having issues getting OBS to like my microphone, and don’t have time to mess with it.



Most torrents don’t last long – for one reason or another – online. But one has survived for over TWELVE YEARS! What is it, and what does it mean? Let’s take a look. Read more: Matrix ASCII Torrent Download


FLEXIBLE & QUALITY INTERFACE | FocusRite Scarlett 2i4 USB Audio Interface Review

The FocusRite Scarlett 2i4 USB Audio Interface provides a great mixer and interface experience for microphones & instruments, even MIDI! SUPPORT MY CAMERA UPGRADE FUNDRAISER! PRODUCT LINKS: USA: CANADA: UK: CloudLifter CL1 Pre-Amp: USA: UK: CANADA: Previous Interface Reviews: Scarlett 2i2: iTrack Solo: Product Features: ”Focusrite’s […]